Who Is Don

I am a God fearing man, a father, a husband, a big brother & little brother, an uncle, and only son to the most amazing parents anyone could ask for. I look for the logic in things and I thrive on love and progress. I am passionate about family, basketball, and entrepreneurship. Coaching has always seemed like a natural talent because I enjoy watching others succeed and reach their goals.



My Story

It all started in Dallas Texas where I grew up. Being the only boy taught me early to have tough skin so I have to shout out Kemesha Wafer and Olivia Gray for helping me in that area. An interesting fact about me is prior to being given the opportunity to travel the world playing basketball, I left the state of Texas for the first time was when I was 18 years old going off to college. I am truly blessed to have laid eyes on the places I have seen in such a short time. In my traveling journeys I developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and startups. My parents taught me the value of teamwork, diligence, and helping those around me. Their guidance afforded me skills that I use to this today. I thank God for my foundation because it led to my many experiences. I have been fortunate enough to be a youth pastor, coach AAU basketball for an amazing program, and mentor leaders across the Phoenix & Dallas area. I currently work for Godaddy in the realm of leadership and coaching and truly love what I do. Technology intrigues me so working for the worlds largest tech provider has been a blast! My story is just beginning but, without Donald & Sharon Gray it would have never gotten started. Thanks Mom and Pop!

Want to network…

Feel free to reach out. Networking is key to any successful entrepreneurs journey so, I welcome everyone.