H-1B Visa Travel Ban Effecting More Than Just Startups

The effects of the executive order by Trumps administration is momentous.

It is no secret that Silicon Valley Companies have concerns on how this could affect their business. Our technological world has heavily relied on H1B Visa workers. Lets face it, our education system has not been able to match that of our foreign competitors. Could this be the reason that Japan is so far ahead of us when it comes to tech innovation? According to Michelle Quinn of the mercury news Romish Badani chief executive of Bridge US, said foreign companies are now holding off on their expansions due to the uncertainty of what will happen next.

Most of these individuals occupy specialty roles and at times within various companies. The Immigration and Nationality Act allows for aliens to be awarded a visa for purposes of working in America as long as “entry into the United States will substantially benefit prospectively the United States”. I think we may be forgetting some of the sections of this act that are important to our success as a country. The latest executive order of our presidents administration was to stop the travel of these non-immigrants causing a halt on productivity for some US based tech companies. 

When your administration is hitting the pockets of US based companies like Uber then maybe we should give some attention to a much needed pivot. According to Tribune Media Wire there were over 200,000 deletes of the Uber app after “Uber drivers broke a taxi strike during the protests of Trump’s executive order barring travel from seven majority-Muslim countries at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York”. The #deleteuber campaign hit the company hard enough to spark a call to action and Uber announce a legal campaign to assist any drivers affected by the executive order to ban travel.

In summation we should give attention to the impact immigrants have on this country. I am by no means saying that anyone should be allowed to illegally occupy U.S. residency. The point I am making is simple. Let’s embrace the H-1B Visa workers, stamp their visa, and move forward on more pressing issues. We need them just as much as they need us. Our tech innovation depends on it.

I’m just saying…


9 thoughts on “H-1B Visa Travel Ban Effecting More Than Just Startups”

  1. Well written article! The US is in no way prepared to back fill positions that will be affected and are in fact already being affected as you stated. It’s an embarrassment to say the least globally and if leadership of this nation continues to move in this direction then support from other nations will leave as well.

  2. Amazing point to be made in this international conversation, because this really isn’t just about the US, though we surely did instigate it. We could go on for ages about the research and data that shows all of the many ways in which undocumented immigrants contribute to this country, and not the least of those is financially. The tech industry is a pivotal discussion point and yours is well made.

    1. Very good point Eboni L Calbow. Pivotal indeed. Their contributions go beyond measure in technology and innovation. I cannot imagine a world without our brothers and sisters from other countries.

  3. As individuals continue to view things in discord. It is unbelievable how we neglect to see that the USA was built by personages who are all decedent’s of imigrants. I spent a moment watching how Americans humbleness is no more. This article brought to mind how Americans look for a position or occupation of regular employment while our fellow men or women of alien status are humbled and proud to be field workers, janitors, etc. Yes, we do need them more than you will ever imagine as spoiled, overindulge or pamper Americans will not be able or want to take on those roles that they have held proudly. This individuals have worked hard to better themselves and their families. They bring financial contributions as they not just earn a dollar minus tax, and spend a dollar plus tax. This blog has awaken my mind to pray for what we need to bring into submission. Yes, let us stamp their visa and shift our concerns to more valuable and important subjects such as education, training, etc. for our children and young adults. Let us pay attention to our homeless, elderly, and mentally ill. There is so much more for us to do inside our own home, the USA. Thank you for just saying….

    1. Prayer is definitely needed in a time as such. I think that seeing the value one brings is key to true growth. Maria you make a great point about education and training needing to be the focus. I often think about how I can contribute even more.

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