“Make Tech More Black”

Where do I start?

“There was a time when America wouldn’t let us ball. Those times are now back, it’s now called Afro Tech” Jay-Z-4:44 Legacy. Afro Tech has by far been the most inspiring networking experience I’ve had to date. I feel a deepened passion for helping my fellow black people with starting their technology ventures as well as getting my own off the ground.

What is Afro Tech you ask? Jay-Z is referencing the largest black tech conference in Silicon Valley. The goal is to bring together employees and founders of the fastest growing tech startups in the world and hear directly from them on how they did it, what their strategies were, and how they leveraged these tactics to continue to grow?

The only way to explain my experience this weekend at Afro Tech 17’ is euphoric. To be in the same building with so many driven individuals that have been successful in the launch of their own companies, brands, and products was humbling to say the least. We talked about the issues we face as black people trying to drive forward our own ideas in a space that may not always accept us for who we are. We discussed strategy that can help us navigate those obstacles. We heard from many black leaders from across the world who shared best practices for growing your own business. We networked and had the opportunity to fill gaps in our own tech startups. The love was real, the #turnup was real, and I personally walked away with a new-found self-confidence in my own abilities.

I want to thank Founder and CEO of Blavity, Morgan DeBaun and her team. They have done an amazing job creating and turning Afro Tech into the highlight of the year for all black entrepreneurs and founders. Cheers to each of you guys and way to operate in #BlackExcellence within an industry that we are clearly going to champion.

If you are looking to start your own tech company, or maybe you have an idea and you want to learn more to help bring it to fruition, I would suggest that you register for next year’s Afro Tech event A$AP Rocky. You cannot afford to miss it in 2018! Go to Afrotech.com and subscribe to the AfroTech Digest. If you are currently employed, check with your employer to see if there are any resources available for you to attend.

“Make Tech More Black”.

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  1. This is awesome! I can only imagine how amazing this opportunity was to surround yourself will likeminded individuals with simular goals and fresh ambition. I will definitely look into be a part of this in 2018!!!!

  2. This is an amazing way to highlight so many valuable things about the Black experience. Speaking as a (should have been) STEM kid that never had the full support of her environment, I am still considering what I can learn in STEM as an older adult and in what ways I can change my professional path to incorporate tech, business and education. We need to stay communicative and engaged with each other to move with movement!

  3. These types of opportunities are essential to the growth of minority owned businesses and really moving the needle forward in bridging the gap between the opportunities that are available for minorities. I attended a similar conference in 2016 which was the first LATINOTECH SUMMIT in Silicon Valley and to put it simply, it was inspiring. Each time I hear the experiences from these conferences,
    I find it helps give people a new found purpose and purpose is what drives us.

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