Mind Over A.I.

If you keep up with my blog then you know that I love articles that delve into #techtoys and #technews. Today I was shocked at what I found, “enabling people to merge with artificial intelligence”.

These words reminded me of a movie I had recently watched with my children called Big Hero 6. In this film, a young genius named Hiro, played by Ryan Potter, created tiny little “micro-bots” that you can control with your brain. I thought to myself, “how cool is this?”. A neat concept to say the least, right? Neuroscience has taken it past a cool concept and I am not sure we are ready for it.

Edd Gent a freelance science writer spoke about the merge in an article on livescience.com. He discusses the various companies who have taken on the task of creating an artificial intelligence that truly can merge with the human brain. The one company that stood out most was the social media giant Facebook. “The goal is to build a device that would allow people to “type” up to 100 words per minute, according to Regina Dugan, head of the company’s secretive Building 8 research group” (livescience.com). Though the idea of being able to simply think and update your Facebook post does sound cool, it sounds scary at the same time. Do I really want the world’s largest social media company to be all up in my brain? They already have access to every picture we take with our mobile devices and all our contact information. Now they want our thoughts?

Scientist are currently working on artificial intelligent robots that think and act like humans. These robots can make human like decisions. These machines can become “more intelligent that humans” according to Arend Hintze, Professor for Integrative Biology, and Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University. Okay, so we start with machines that do simply task for us to make life easier, and then we graduate to teaching these machines to make human like decisions. Lastly, we teach the machines to learn? Let us think twice about this new concept of allowing the A.I. to listen to our thoughts and react accordingly. The only thing left to do is teach the A.I. how to feel. Now I am sure Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) would tell you that we should avoid that evolution of technology altogether.

I’m Just Saying…