Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs

I was recently asked the question, “which concept within an entrepreneurial marketing course should have it’s own separate class?”. As you think about marketing in general it is truly the real money maker for any business. Great marketing leads to guerilla marketing strategies that can make or break a venture.

There are tons of conceptual theories when it comes to “entrepreneurial marketing” however, the one that comes front of mind for me is social media marketing. Social media marketing is a whole different ball game. “Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites” (

Why break this topic out into a course of it’s own? Well I’m glad you asked. Social media use is at an all time high in 2017 and is growing everyday. According to PEW Research Center 69% of adults in the U.S. alone use some sort of social media. Our mobile devices have our attention from the moment we rise until we are laying down for bed all over again. With as many U.S. adults using social media platforms today, we would be silly not to seek to understand the various ways of marketing on these platforms if we are looking to grow a venture. Social media marketing has been the vehicle to success for a lot of different companies. Did you know that comedy central used a social media marketing campaign to gain tractions from viewers? In case you’re wondering, it worked flawlessly. They used Google AdWords and YouTube to drive viewer traffic after Jon Stewart announced he would be leaving the show. Trevor Noah was next in line to take his place. “The network bought Google ads with links to exclusive videos surrounding Trever Noah’s name coupled with popular search terms such as: Trevor Noah girlfriend, Trevor Noah age, Trevor Noah gay, etc — stuff that the masses usually search for upon looking up celebrities. The videos were unlisted and un-embeddable so the only way they can be accessed were through manual search” ( Now most would simply think… why? How did this work? Where did the idea come from? Jon announced his retirement in 2015 and “by February 2016, the campaign had amassed a total of 38 million impressions which lead to 2.8 million views” ( That is impressive regardless of the questions it induces. There are many other companies who have taken advantage of the power of social media.

How can I do this as an entrepreneur? If there were a course that outlined how these campaigns are built, the thought process behind them, and ways to make the power of social media work for you, it would be beneficial in the technological entrepreneurship and management world and worth adding to the curriculum. I would definitely enjoy the material. You could name the course “Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs”.

I’m Just  Saying…