What’s Your Campaign?

Last November when my family and I needed to book a hotel in Dallas we struggled with finding something cost effective and in the location that we needed. Our biggest pain as a family traveling with little ones was to make sure that amenities and comfort was fitting for us. While browsing through hotels my wife stumbled upon an advertisement for Airbnb. It relayed an intriguing message about acceptance, and although upon the initial message not necessarily being tied to travel and hotel, it caught her attention. The reason why is because like most travelers we want to feel like where we stay, we belong, we are comfortable  and our needs are met. We visited the Airbnb site and our first trial was a success!

Airbnb has utilized traditional means of advertising, social media and more recently the Super Bowl to tie their message of accommodations via renting homes, rooms and spaces to travelers, with the global need of acceptance. The commercial merged different faces or different races and genders with the statement that “We believe that no matter who you are, where you are from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept #Weaccept”.

Airbnb has found a way to utilize current global platforms and surround messaging that can pair and engage viewers to how their services work toward supporting these movements. A great place to view how diverse and impactful Airbnb’s strategies are, is to visit their Twitter Page. Even today, they are highlighting content on how they support the environmental foundations of Earth Day.

These messages touch on many of the social issues that flood the news and airwaves everyday. From an emotional perspective these socially driven campaigns are able to speak to every individual globally. Because Airbnb is a global provider this makes perfect sense. Using social Media additionally, where there are bridges to the world when it comes to communication has been the best outlet for Airbnb to share this message. The message is growing and the travel industry is evolving.

Needless to say my wife and I found the perfect get away spot in Uptown Dallas, we fell in love with Airbnb, and we told everyone we knew. This is guerrilla marketing people! Grab your customers attention by tapping into their emotional side and you just might win them for life. Social media has made the connection with your customers emotions a little easier so, why not use it?

I’m Just Saying…