Why Volunteer?

Recently I was given the opportunity through my employer to donate my time at Feed My Starving Children where they utilize volunteers to “hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and ship these meals to distribution partners around the world”. Since servitude is such a primary platform for everything that I do, it was a blessing to yet again be a part of an event that gives me a sense of purpose. I stood there with my colleagues as we were packing and thought about how many lives we were impacting in only a few short hours. Of course by the end of it all we knew the numbers and that was the ultimate therapy! Just what I needed! When we come together with a common goal to selflessly devote our time and efforts to help and assist others, we open the door for unity and growth. Here are a few things that I was reminded of by my recent volunteering event.

What I Do Matters

Volunteering not only allows strangers to come together to develop and strengthen bonds, but it also brings an awareness of exactly how much of an impact we can make on our communities and our nation. It isn’t until we really get into the mix of things that we see what our impact means for other people. Knowing this creates a natural desire to want to do more. When we are aware of how what we do matters we can then measure and seek out more resources to strengthen our own efforts. The spirit of togetherness and teamwork is birth through these experiences and in that moment no matter our belief systems or social status we all become equal participants in positive influence and change.

Volunteering = Less Stress

We all have our day to day issues that cause us to become overwhelmed. This leads to undo stress. I was reminded that there is something beautiful about working towards a solution to someone else’s problem that flips on that stress relief button for us all. When I’m actively partaking in an initiative that I know will make a difference in someone else’s life, I forget what I may have be going through in that moment, and in most cases by the time I am done, my issue doesn’t seem to be stressful at all.

Volunteering Introduces New Opportunity

Last but not least when you surround yourself with like minded individuals with similar goals you will find that networking is more effective, exhilarating even. Volunteering promotes the attitude of giving so when it comes to sharing time and effort people automatically want to share information. You can strike conversations on anything from the next volunteering event to job opportunities, community organizations, and personal interest. Good communication on topics like this typically lead to new ideas and innovation.

Volunteering is something that I look forward to and with every engagement I walk away with renewed energy and focus. I know what I do matters to someone, I have a chance to relieve stress while unplugging from my personal day to day grind, and I expand my network with good people who care about others as much as I do so, ideas run wild. Volunteering is by far the best therapy.

I’m Just Saying…